Friday, April 2, 2010

New Look!

I was a bit tired of the old design and have been having fun messing around with all the coding on my blogs. You can do so much just by customizing the CSS & HTML coding. So, that's why there's a new layout, customized font, new signature, etc :)! Enjoy it!

Spring is certainly here in Oklahoma. We had our first spring storm today and it was so nice. The spring storms out here are so different than the rest of the year and are kind of exciting! It's a down-pour of rain and thunder. The kind of heavy down pours where it drops what seems like 2 inches in a matter of hours. I could've never imagined the intensity of these short lived storms until we moved out here. They're somethin' else, especially for this californian-grown girl :).

The buns are all safe in their barn. I shut most of the shutters up right when storm hit, since the rain was blowing in hard.