Monday, April 5, 2010

Babies . . . 15 & Counting!

Kaylee was the first doe to kindle today. She had a nice nest of 6 plump little babies this morning when I went out to feed. She has 4 "pinks" and 2 sables or smoke pearls. Too early to tell for sure. Should be able to tell tomorrow.

Megan & Cori had litters when I got back from town this evening. Cori had 5 (one was DOA) babies in a nice little nest in her box. All are "pinks" as she was bred to Justin. I can't wait to see what color pointed whites she has. Hoping for some chocolate & lilac pointed whites.

Yesterday Megan pulled T-O-N-S of fur! Seriously, like enough fur for 3 litters. I took out a ton of her hair to save it and she still had plenty left. She pulled a lot more today and messed around with mixing it in with the hay in her cage. I was hopeful she'd have the babies in the box, but she didn't make too much of a nest. Just pulled tons of fur and messed around with collecting & mixing the hay & fur. So, today I came home to 5 babies ALL OVER the cage. Not one was in the same spot. Thankfully the weather isn't cold anymore, so the babies were fine. A couple were a little on the "cooler" side of things, but warmed up quickly once put in the nest together.

I pulled her box out and made a bit of a better nest to put the babies in. I thought I had all of Megan's babies, since I thought her box was pushed to the back of the cage. I thought wrong. As I put the box back, I heard a loud squeaking noise. I pulled the box out and sure enough there was a little baby squeaking so sad. It got a small cut on it's shoulder from the box (poor thing) and it was chilled. So, I put it in the "portable warmer" and it warmed up and it quit squeaking. I felt so bad, the baby made the most pitiful squeaks. Neosporin on the baby should heal it up quickly. It looked good when I checked on them a little bit ago.

But . . . Megan still has a baby in her that I can feel. So, I let Kyle breed her once, gave her some TUMS. And hopefully she'll have the baby sometime tonight. Otherwise, I'll have to let her run around tomorrow to get that baby out.

Molly is the last doe due today. She's already made a nice nest in her box, so hopefully she'll have the babies in the box.

Amanda's due in 2 days and Kadence is due in 5 days.