Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baby Count is up to 23

We're up to 23 babies born the last 2 days :)!

Molly kindled to 5 babies yesterday. All are chocolate colors, which is exciting!

Amanda had 4 (1 DOA) babies this morning. All are brokens. One of the babies' is kind of cream colored. Curious to see what it'll turn out to be!

Megan had her 6th baby yesterday afternoon/evening sometime. It was obviously a bigger DOA. I'm just glad she got it out. She's being such a spazz though! She didn't feed her babies at all yesterday. I tried holding her in the box, encouraging her to go in there and she was just flippin' out. Would not sit still and relax at all. This is so unlike Megan!

I split her babies up between Cori & Molly and took her box out of her cage for last night. This morning I gathered her babies up and put them in her box back in her cage. Thankfully she let me put her in the box and relaxed and nursed her babies. All the babies look good, except for one is a bit on the too small side of things. We'll see how it does. Hopefully Megan has gotten the hint now for taking care of her babies.

Nicole is looking so pretty! I had her out the other day and she really wanted to be bred, so I went ahead and bred her to Brad. Hopefully we'll have a bunch of nice chocolate colors in a month :).