Monday, August 1, 2011

Spiders Anyone?

Last night I was checking on the meat rabbits (which are in their own open-air barn) and was grossed out by the so many spiders out there. Since it's an open-air barn, it means there's flies (although not too bad) and all sorts of little critters in there, which makes for a welcome environment for spiders.

I am so thankful for where we live, but the only thing I don't like at all are all the spiders. I've always been grossed out by spiders, but out here the spiders are massive and everywhere in the summer, especially at night. I was quite disgusted to see all the quarter size (or bigger) spiders hanging in their massive webs on the walls of the meat rabbit barn, on the roof, between the fence and my barn, from the tree, etc.

But, I thought I'd take the opportunity to take a few pictures of just some of the spiders out there (I took pictures of about 15 and there were plenty more, LOL), since they are pretty interesting looking critters.

Okay, while this isn't a spider. It's just another giant bug that is in Oklahoma!

An up-close of the above picture.

So, there ya have it. Part of life in Oklahoma, haha.