Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's baby time!

I finally took some time to get individual pictures of Kayla's & Diamond's babies today. I was in the process of getting the pictures resized to put up on the site yesterday when some friends showed up. So, I didn't get finished with that....maybe tomorrow, we'll see.

But, for now, here's a sneak peak of some of the babies!

A few of Kayla's babies:

And a few of Diamond's babies:

This is a little DOE! Look at her head, she's only 3 weeks old. Adorable!

Fuzzy little baby :).

Takin' a peek over the table :).

This is the little doe I'm keeping out of Melinda's litter. Hoppin's Millie! She's a doll.

These bunnies down here came from a breeder who was selling out. She wanted to get rid of her last few, so she gave these two to me. Not that I really needed anymore, as my cages are FULL. But, they are here :).

The doe is a Rugen's doe. She's a bit out of condition right now.

And the buck. I think I judged this buck as a jr at the Cherokee County Fair last September. He's thin and out of condition as well, so we'll get some weight on him and decide from there.