Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Few Updates

Diamond's babies are just over 7 weeks old right now. All of them are already spoken for, which is nice :)! You can see their current picture here.

Kayla's litter is almost 8 weeks old and she has several babies available still. Her babies are all very pretty. I don't plan on keeping any right now, because I am reducing my pointed white herd. You can see updated pictures of her babies here.

Kayla will also be for sale once her litter is weaned. Send me an email or a facebook message if you're interested in her.

Kahlua's babies are all doing really good. They are 3 weeks old now, so I'll be getting individual pictures of them very soon! All their ears are cute!

My brother finished the cement floor in my barn today. I'm so thankful and excited. There's one tiny little spot he'll have to finish tomorrow, since the frames for the cement were put in wrong. But, that should be easy. The majority of the barn is drying now! It'll be so nice to not have the barn in a construction zone anymore.

Now, for a few pictures....

One of the kitties enjoying the new grass hay bale.

One of Kayla's babies!

A couple new pictures of Diamond. She's a beautiful doe :).

Kahlua's babies snuggling together.

A sleeping opal ... so sweet.

Rum's 4 fat babies!

And the odd-ball in the barn. Just one of the New Zealand does taking a spot in my barn while the other rabbit barn is under a little construction ;).