Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rabbit Care & Helping Breeders

New breeders come onto the scene quite frequently, whether they are new to that particular breed or new to rabbits in general.

When I was a new breeder, I was helped by so many established breeders. Breeders who had been breeding for 5-20+ years. They were always helpful. Willing to share information, offer advice and share their tips or secrets.

Since I've been in the rabbit & Mini Lop world for several years now, I get new breeders frequently asking questions, and I willingly offer my help. I enjoy being able to be in a position to give advice and share information with new breeders - both new to Mini Lops or new to rabbits in general. I've seen some people turn into great breeders who started out just as a 4-H kid or youth rabbit enthusiast. People won't get as far, or it will take them a lot longer, if breeders aren't willing to help and share information.

From what I've seen on certain rabbit groups & forums, there are times it seems some people have lost sight of that. Or, some people end up getting so caught up in the politics of the rabbit world, that the friendliness of the hobby disappears. That is pathetic. Come on, it's rabbits.

There are still a lot of very helpful breeders around in many breeds, including the Mini Lops, thankfully. ARBA President Mike Avesing wrote a great article in the current DR (July/August '11). One of the statements he made, I want to quote here, because I think it needs to be remembered.

"I think it is also helpful to remind ourselves that this is a hobby for just about every one of us. Most of us get all the grief, aggravation and politics we need in our personal lives. Our hobby should serve as a refuge from those types of things and it will if we all work together to get there."
Thank you ARBA President for continuing to work to make the ARBA and all it's members a friendly, helpful group.

In light of wanting to share information, I've decided to add a lot more rabbit information pages to my website. Many of which will be focused on information for Mini Lop breeders and rabbit breeders in general.

Some of the new articles up on the site already are:

And more articles to come are:

Tips to Take Pictures of Babies (coming soon, Lord willing)
Posing & Evaluating Baby Mini Lops (coming soon, Lord willing)
Developing Your Own Line (coming soon, Lord willing)
Explanation of Pedigrees (coming soon, Lord willing)
How to Ship Rabbits (coming soon, Lord willing)
Helping Fellow Breeders (coming soon, Lord willing)
Using Oxytocin (coming soon, Lord willing)
GI Stasis (coming soon, Lord willing)
Eye Concerns (coming soon, Lord willing)
Using Vitamins With Rabbits (coming soon, Lord willing)
Ways to Encourage Breeding in Rabbits (coming soon, Lord willing)
How to Get Rid of Ammonia Odor (coming soon, Lord willing)
Staying Organized (coming soon, Lord willing)

If you have any other ideas for pages that you would like to see on the site, just leave a comment here or let me know in an email, FB message, etc.