Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just a Few Pictures for Today

Just a few pictures snapped last night!

Diamond's babies Peeking!

Courtney munching on oats.

Kahlua's babies

William, my goofy little buck!

A pretty brkn sable chin buck. Yes, he is for sale. Email me for more info :).

And another funny picture of Courtney!



Show Rabbit Protection Society said...

Really shouldn't take stuff out of context you know. You should either post the full quote page referencing what it was discussing or not open your mouth at all. Because partial quotes of the page, taken out of context, is a sign of real dishonesty and manipulation....Just an opinion, nothing more. You really should have mentioned it was part of a poop experiment, part of an ongoing study of rabbit waste by many breeders that you chose to not participate in. But again, you are not alone. Many people have used Debe Bell's case to imply that somehow they have superior knowledge to her 28 years. And you won't be the last.

Qadoshyah said...

This comment is in reply to this post:

Thanks for commenting, Show Rabbit Protection Society.

From what I saw, I did not take anything out of context. I copied the whole status or comment that was on FB. I'm sorry if I did.

Just because someone has 28 years of rabbit raising experience doesn't mean they are the best source. I'm not saying Debe Bell is not a good source of information. While I know completely that there was a poop experiment which some breeders are doing, I didn't feel it necessary to mention. There's never a time where a rabbit needs to sit in their poop, have poopy cages, because it doesn't *have* to happen in a rabbitry.