Monday, August 8, 2011

Kahlua's babies & barn talk

Kahlua kindled to a litter of 7 on Wednesday night. She has 2 solid chestnut agoutis, 1 brkn chestnut agouti, 1 solid chocolate chestnut, 1 brkn chocolate chestnut, 1 opal, and 1 lynx. Nice variety of color and it's fun to have some dilutes in the barn again :).

Her opal and lynx.

And the little broken chocolate.

It's been SO, incredibly hot here in Oklahoma for weeks now. But, it really spiked last week and the AC in the barn is hardly cutting it. So, I broke down and bought 2 box fans to run in the barn and keep the air moving during the day. It's helped a lot. Thankfully we've gotten a little rain and the weather is slowly cooling down.

Just a sweet picture of Vixie. She's maturing into a gorgeous doe and by far has the best personality of all of my reds!

A few pictures of two of Diamond's babies. They are CUTE and so chubby. Look at this little baby...isn't she a doll!

One more of Diamond's little does.

Krissie aborted a litter of 5 last Wednesday. I think it was due to the heat. That was quite disappointing. I'll give her a couple week break and then rebreed her to Lam again, Lord willing.

Abby & Rum are due this coming weekend. Can't wait to see what they have in their litters!

Stay cool!