Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rum's babies & more

Good, quality hay is quite few & far between out here, in Oklahoma. It's something I've had to get used to, since I could always get a nice bale of grass hay from the feed store in California. There's one feed store that I have gotten my hay from for the past few years, but they are the opposite direction from us, which makes getting to their store kind of difficult.

We have our own "hay guy" who brings truckloads of hay down for us, but most of the time it is alfalfa hay. It's very nice hay, but alfalfa is just too much for the buns. But, this past week he brought down a truckload of nice grass hay. The buns have been skimping on the hay for the past month, but now we've got plenty of it (until it's all sold, LOL). So, I'm setting aside a good 5-6 bales, which should last the buns a couple months.

A few pictures of Kahlua's babies. They are all in and out of the box now that their eyes are open.

Rum had a litter of 8 yesterday (2 were DOA). She has a box full of chocolates, which is so nice!

I thought I'd put a few pictures up of some of my juniors that I have right now and also a couple seniors.

Donovan is going to be one solid boy! I like him a lot :)!

Abrielle seriously has some of the longest ears around. I'm sure she'll grow into them though! She's a beautiful doe.

Escalade. Can I just say, I couldn't ask for more in this boy? I'm so happy with how he's maturing!

He's going to have a monster head on him.

I took a few new pictures of Abby last night. She's so pretty.

A couple current pictures of Ginger. She's maturing nicely. Could use a little more filling in still, but she continues to look nicely.

Look at her head!