Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Website Updates and more

Just a quick update here with a few pictures.

The website is updated with some new pictures and updates.

Rum's babies are up on the site now. They are adorable little things - 3 does, 1 buck. You can see them here.

Kahlua's babies are doing great! They are getting big. I'll be getting new pictures of them soon, Lord willing.

The weather has been gorgeous since last Saturday. I'm very thankful for it! It seems like fall is finally here. It's actually been chilly at 45 degrees. Such a relief after a L-O-N-G, H-O-T summer.

The does have all been very willing to be bred, so we should have lots of litters soon. Abby is due the end of the month (bred to Lam). Krissie (bred to Lam), Allie (bred to Scotch), & Abilene (bred to Landon) are all due the beginning of next month. By the beginning of next month I can breed my reds. I'm so excited!! It'll be so neat to have box fulls of RED babies.

Just a few pictures now.... of my favorite juniors in the barn right now. She is simply beautiful.

And another cutie in the barn! Millie is such a doll and has some of the cutest looks ever.

Abilene is so pretty! She finally bred this morning...she's been a stubborn little doe. Hopefully she'll have a nice litter from Landon the beginning of next month.

Just a couple pictures of one of Kahlua's babies. She's a beautiful, SUPER promising girl! Posed pictures of the whole litter will be up soon, Lord willing....along with who is available. 

Isn't she cute?!