Monday, June 30, 2008


Not too much has been going on with the buns. They are all doing great and handling this warm weather fine. They've all started to blow their coats ;), so I've put the rest of the picture taking I was planning to do on hold until some of them get their coats in.

Things have been busy here with packing & such for our move.

I do have some sad news to share though . . .

Bradbury was such an adorable little buck and was a favorite of mine. He was turning out to be a stunning chocolate buck, who only needed a better head on him (but that's no biggie around here :)). I decided to let him go to Lisa for for a trade, since I figured Lisa would like him a lot and I can just repeat the breeding he is from. He was dropped off on June 13th to start his trip to WA. He was doing fantastic when he left here! By the time Lisa saw him on June 21st he was starting to show signs of wry neck. Bummer.

Lisa & I thought about what to do for a day and she finally decided she'd take him home and try to treat him. If I would've taken him back, he would not have made it home alive :(. Lisa treated him with Ivomec when she got home, but over the period of the next few days he started going down-hill quickly. By Friday night (he had been with Lisa for about 5 days) his head was so tilted and he was so bad that he was to the rolling point. I was hoping he'd make it to 7 days after the first Ivomec so that they could treat him again. But, he did not. Lisa had to have him put down because he could not even do anything except roll when he'd try to move or drink. She sent me some pictures of him with his severe head tilt before she put him down and it was heartbreaking and so sad to see my lil Bradbury like that :(.

~ Qadoshyah