Monday, June 16, 2008

Bunnies In & Bunnies Out

Amber left today and so did Milky's blue doe, MC6. I only have two bunnies left available :(!

I also got a new bunny in today . . . I've been waiting for her for about a month. She came from Chris Desurra and is a red-eyed-white jr. doe, Desurra's White Lace!!!!!! Laci's a very cute and sweet doe. I will try to get pictures of her tomorrow once she is settled in a little more. A big thanks goes to Chris for selling me this doe he was going to keep :). I think she will be a great addition to the pointeds . . . a new line and some nice type, exactly what they need.

All the other buns are doing well. The weather is pretty hot now, but the buns are all handling it well, thankfully.

More later . . .

~ Qadoshyah