Thursday, June 5, 2008

Babies are leaving & more!

Well, the babies are starting to go to their new homes. All of Mocha's babies, except for the one I am keeping, Dallas, are gone. Sugar's babies are all sold and will start leaving for their new homes in a few days, same with Val's & Totsie's babies. Most of Milky's & Amber's babies are sold and will be leaving to their new homes in a few days as well.

We only have a handful of babies left available: Totsie's gold tip'd lilac steel buck (he's very nice!), Milky's blue doe, Amber's blue doe (she is "on hold") & gold tip'd blue steel doe, and Milky's black buck.

These will be out last litters until the fall when we are settled and moved into Oklahoma, Lord willing. . . what a long stretch it'll be without any cute lil babies :(.

We finally had a nice day today, so I got some much needed barn cleaning done - soaked all the dura trays in vinegar and scrubbed them clean - so much nicer!!

I have a new addition to the barn . . .Hoppin's Clara. She's a solid chocolate doe from Michael. Her sire is my buck, Daiquiri and her dam is Michael's doe, Truffle. She's an adorable and very nice little girl, very thick and smooth. She should be a great addition to the barn :)!! Will get pics soon, Lord willing.

I also have Michael's sr. doe, Cinnamon here for a short time, until she finds a ride up to N. CA to Kathie Simmons and then she'll be heading to Nicole Velotta in WA. But, in the meantime, I have cute lil Cinnamon here. She's so adorable and so sweet!

~ Qadoshyah