Monday, June 9, 2008

Senior doe & some minor updates!

Things fell through with the person who wanted Amber, so I have a senior chestnut agouti mini lop doe available ~

SSR's Amber - $40.

Amber has 1 leg and she is a gorgeously typed doe. She is proven and is an excellente mother. I am keeping her daughter, Hoppin's Tara, and just don't need Amber in my breeding program right now! Let me know if you're interested in her!!

I also went through and posed Val's babies on Sunday (day 56). I have decided to keep one of her black pointed whites. So, I am keeping the chocolate pointed white, Hoppin's Justin, and the nicest black pointed white, Hoppin's Josh. I'll try to get new pictures of all my juniors and my new junior doe, Clara tomorrow, Lord willing.

~ Qadoshyah