Monday, June 23, 2008

The Buns are in Washington

The 3 buns I sent with Kathie Simmons up to the WA state convention finally made it to their new homes this weekend.

Brandy's broken (charlie) chocolate chinchilla jr doe, BD6 made it to the Hill's at Minterbrook Rabbitry.

Cody, a chocolate sr. buck, made it to Amy at Stormie Haven Mini Lops.

And, Bradbury made it to Lisa Davis at Milkhouse Lops. Bradbury's transport wasn't so smooth :(, but hopefully he will be fine with Lisa. Lisa sent down the doe I'm getting from her, Jenny. Jenny should be here the beginning of July, hopefully!

I got an email from Amy tonight saying Cody was enjoying being at his new home and she loves him. I always like getting updates like that :)! Here's a picture of Cody enjoying his new home :)!! Amy makes such a great home for the bunnies!

~ Qadoshyah


Anonymous said...

I loved that bunny! Little Koda/Cody :):):) Such a sweetie, and his little choc grandbabies are thriving!

Anonymous said...

Awww one of the sweetest bucks ever! His grandbabies are thriving here :) We have a particularly pretty bkn choc chestnut numaed Goldengirl! She is sooo pretty!