Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random Pictures

5 bunnies will be leaving tomorrow, 2 more should be leaving Sunday, Lord willing. That just leaves 2 jr. does out of all my litters and all the "for sale" buns. And, I think I know who those two bunnies will go to anyways :). That only "opens" up a couple cages, really.

I did a "head count" the other day and I will be taking 29 bunnies to Oklahoma, Lord willing . . . two of those are the babies going to Finland in September. So, I'm 2 carrier holes short - anyone have any single hole carriers they want to sell?

Here's are a couple pictures from tonight in the barn . . . . I didn't put all the pics that I took up tonight, since our internet is being a bit slow right now, hopefully tomorrow though :). . .

Brandy ~ my little ham ;) ~

Swissy, one of my retired gals ~

~ Qadoshyah