Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kadence babies and random pictures

First off are some pictures of Kadence's babies, who are 10 days old now. There is such a variety of colors: broken chocolate chestnut, 2 chocolates, 1 lilac, 1 chinchilla, 1 chestnut, and 1 chocolate chinchilla.

This is the little broken chocolate chestnut and it's gotta be my favorite! I'm so hoping this baby will be a keeper. Chocolate chestnuts are such a pretty color.

And the little lilac baby. This baby is a chunk-a-munk!

I'm working hard on litterbox training 3 of my retired buns. Truffle's been litterbox trained for years, but Brandy, Sugar & Striper have been giving a tough time. After asking for some tips on a rabbit breeder forum, I think these 3 are slowly picking it up.

Striper doesn't seem too happy to have his cage size cut in half, but guess what, it's forcing him to use his litterbox! Hopefully he'll be back to his full size cage soon. It'd be nice to have these 3 litterbox trained when I go on vacation to California in a few weeks.

This is our Production White meat rabbit doe. She's due tomorrow and man is her belly huge! Look at that prego bulge. I've never seen a rabbit look so "pregnant" before!

I have 5 does to breed next week. I'm waiting until the 14th that way the does will be due a few days after I get back from California in August (Lord willing). I'll be breeding:

Brianna X Scotch
Nicole X Scotch
Britney X Scotch (or Cameron)
Sara X Kyle
Jana X Cameron