Monday, July 26, 2010

Pictures of Sunday's Work

Here are a few pictures from yesterday and some that I took this morning.

Kaylee being a weirdo and laying under the feeder. Why she liked it there, I don't know!

The front of the barn after we finished "landscaping" it some :).

Much cuter now :)! The little house is a house I keep out there for our cat who stays on the outside of the bunny barn. He used to be my barn cat in California, but since he's been outdoors for years, he did not want to be kept in this barn now. So, he patrols outside the barn!

The meat rabbit barn. It's right next to my barn in a spot that stays shaded all day long. That one piece of sheet metal will be the only "solid" piece on that wall. Fencing will be over the rest of that wall and two of the other sides. The north (where most storms come from) side will be a solid wall though. In the cooler months we'll probably have tarps to put at least on the west side (the side with one solid piece) and maybe some on the other sides. We'll just take it month by month.

The organized pile of extra carriers, tubes (to lay in) that I give the bunnies in the cool months and the extra 5 gallon water jug. That jug will probably go in the meat rabbit barn.