Friday, July 9, 2010

20 babies in 2 days!

Well, my 3 does who were due the 7th have all had their babies.

Cori had 7 babies Wednesday morning. One of her babies was a DOA, so she has 6 live babies. 4 "pinks" and 2 sables.

Kaylee had 8 babies Wednesday night. All of her's are "pinks" (since she's bred to Jake), so I'm really hoping she has a lot of blue pointed whites. It's genetically possible, since she's a blue pointed and Jake carries it.

Molly finally had her litter today, Friday. She had 6 babies. All are blacks (and I think all are agoutis, but will have to check again) of some kind, since she is bred to Cameron. Should be some typey babies though!

The meat rabbit doe we have also had a litter, but she only had 4 (2 were DOA). So her two babies were fostered off to Molly & Cori so that we can rebreed her. She more than likely had such a small litter because the buck she was bred to had only been here a day or two when she was bred. So, it was probably low fertility on his part, since her other two litters were litters of 9. Hopefully she'll have a large litter next time!

Kadence's babies eyes are all opening. They are getting to that really fun age now, where they are jumping in and out of the box :).

Baby pictures to come soon, Lord willing!