Tuesday, July 20, 2010

3 Week Olds!

There are new, individual pictures of Kadence's litter on the website now. You can see them here :)! They are such cute babies. 3 bucks and 4 does . . . nice split! But, I'll put a couple pictures here just for fun . . .

And here are a few pictures of the almost-two-week old babies :).

One of Molly's ~

Cori's sable steel . . . this baby is so wide everywhere. He reminds me of a seal (the animal, not the color, haha) ~

And one of Kaylee's babies. They all have AMAZING width between their eyes . . . thanks to their daddy's big head. Can't wait to see how these babies develop, since this cross is so perfect!

I was able to get Jana bred to Cameron last night, so I'm thankful for that :)! They should have some pretty babies! I will have to post pictures of Jana's little guy, Dillian, who I'm keeping. He is 10 week old and a gorgeous boy (just took new pictures today). She throws the prettiest babies ever!