Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Updated Website & Baby Picture

Here are Kadence's babies . . . she has 2 black agoutis, 2 self chocolates, 1 broken chocolate agouti, 1 chocolate agouti and 1 lilac. Yep, quite a variety :).

5 bunnies will be going to their new homes tomorrow. 4 of the 5 are making a trip all the way to a show in Tennessee this weekend. 3 will stay in Tennessee with their new breeders (Amy Terry & Nora Anderson :)) and the other one will go down to it's new breeder in Georgia (Lauren from Hendrick's Hearth). The 5th baby, one of Nicole's little broken chocolates, will be going to Michael & Melinda in Arkansas for a show/4-H/breeding bunny. They are such a nice family and give the bunnies great homes :).

One of Jana's does went to a nice pet home on Monday evening and her second doe will hopefully be going to her new home tomorrow. And that just leaves me with one baby left out of my 8 week old litters and that baby is already reserved and will hopefully be leaving Thursday or Friday to his new home.

Britney's babies are doing fantastic! They were very small and slow in growing, so I decided to start them on a treatment for Coccidia last week. I had never had to treat any bunny for Coccidia in my 8 years of having rabbits, but I figured it was worth a try with these babies. I picked up some Corid from the feed store and used 2 1/2 cc's per 1/2 gallon of water. I kept them on it for a week and they are remarkably better. They are all keeping weight on really well now and they've grown a lot. They will be going to their new home in Missouri in a couple weeks hopefully.

I updated the website, since it was a couple weeks outdated and added on all my juniors, upcoming litters, etc.

Yesterday I picked up some puppy training pads for my retired buns to try to litter box train 3 of them. Truffle litter box trained herself years ago. Now that Brandy, Sugar & Striper are all in cages with a solid floor and wood shavings, it'd be really nice if they were litter box trained too. So far, I haven't had success with just putting a litter box in there. I figured I'd try puppy training pads in the boxes and see if that will help them use the litter box. If anyone has any tips/ideas for litter box training an older rabbit, I'd love to hear them!