Sunday, July 25, 2010

Britney & Nicole . . . and more

Britney & Nicole both palpate positive as of today, so that is exciting :)! Just have Jana left to palpate.

Today was a long, very profitable day spent working outside. We got a lot done. 2 dump-cart fulls of rocks moved from the area between the house and my barn. It was like an obstacle course to pull a wagon or dump cart out to the barn. If you knew the area we're in, you'd understand why there are so many rocks. The ground up here in this particular part of NE Oklahoma is incredibly rocky. We picked up a lot of rocks, but there are still plenty to go around. Never a shortage of rocks around here! It's so rocky, it's almost impossible (or takes *forever*) to dig holes for fence posts by hand.

I picked up some landscaping bricks at a local auction for super cheap, so my little sister and I fixed up the front of the barn with those and a few other things :). I'll be sure to get some pictures soon, Lord willing!

Then we organized and moved the carries and extra supplies that are on pallets outside my barn to make room in front of the meat rabbit barn that's we're building. And we also got siding on one of the sides. Just have one more side to put siding on, then fencing on the rest. We have to have it done within the next few days, before I go on vacation! It's a small little barn - 10'x10', but should work perfect for the meat buns.