Monday, June 28, 2010


Kadence had 8 babies last night. A large litter, just like I expected! She has 4 chocolate colors (1 broken, 3 solid), 1 solid lilac and 3 black colors (1 broken, 2 solids). Very excited for how many chocolates she had. And I'm surprised she had a lilac . . . totally didn't expect that!

I will work on getting pictures of them today hopefully. Jana's two GT steel does and one of Nicole's babies (chocolate chin buck) will be ready to go this week! They are 8 weeks old already.

We had a couple crazy, intense Oklahoma storms last night. We were watching the World Cup soccer game  (US v Ghana) at our neighbors house yesterday when it started getting really windy and dark outside. We ran home as the sprinkles started to come and no more than a minute or so later the down pour and strong winds came. Just missed it :). Those storms are always intense and exciting! Needless to say that has cooled things down a lot, which is a big blessing. I was more than ready for a cool weather break.