Friday, June 11, 2010


Daisy & a little chestnut jr. doe left yesterday to head to New Mexico to Kate. They'll be going to her tomorrow, Lord willing (thanks Rebecca!). There are just two babies that have to be picked up out of my 9 week old babies that I have left - a chocolate buck and a broken steel doe. Both will be going to Jennifer next weekend down in Lawton :). They'll be spoiled at Townsend's Red River Rabbitry!

Nicole's & Jana's babies are all looking great! I'll be getting new pictures of them early next week hopefully, as they'll be 6 weeks old (and almost 6 weeks old - Nicole's babies).

The AC is working great still, praise the Lord. The weather hasn't been too hot in temperature, but it's been *extremely* humid, so that makes it feel nasty, hot & muggy!

I have 5 does bred. Kadence & Sara are due in about 2 weeks and they both palpate positive. Cori, Kaylee & Molly are all a little less than a week bred. Then I'll be breeding a few more does come early July hopefully. These babies will all be plenty old enough to go by Convention time too - so if you're interested in a certain something let me know. I already have a waiting list going.

Well, not much else going on with the buns at the moment.




junglemama said...

My daugher Sveta would be in love with all you animals!