Saturday, June 19, 2010

Palpates Positive

Molly, Cori & Kaylee all palpate positive :)! Can't wait to see what I get from all their litters. Hoping for a few differently colored pointed whites.

Sara & Kadence are due in a little less than 10 days, so exciting! Kadence should have some gorgeous, colorful babies.

The bunnies are all doing good and handling the warm weather great. The AC is doing a great job of keeping the barn cool, praise the Lord. With the heat index being over 100 degrees, a temp of 80 degrees in the barn is great (especially since the humidity is so low in there, it feels so cool).

I am keeping three babies out of my 6 week old litters - Jana's steel buck, Nicole's broken chocolate doe and one of Nicole's broken chocolate chinchilla bucks. I've had so many people waiting for chocolates, I figured I'd better keep any nice chocolate doe so I can have more chocolates available in a few months!

I'll be breeding Brianna and another doe or two the beginning - middle of July hopefully. Not totally sure who I will breed them to, but I am hoping Scotch will be ready to breed by then . . . we'll see.

Not much else to report on at the moment. Have a great weekend and stay cool!