Thursday, June 3, 2010

Buns Going & Moving Around

19 bunnies (18 babies, 1 senior) have left this week. 4 went to their new home on Sunday, 13 (12 babies, 1 senior) went to their new homes on Tuesday, and 2 left today.

There's just 7 babies left out of my 7 week old litters, most of which will be leaving within the next week to week and a half . . . except for the 3 I'm keeping. Oh and one of the babies has to stay here until Convention time, which is no biggie.

I think I'll be keeping both of Britney's solid babies - the lilac chin doe and the lilac steel buck. The are both a bit on the smaller side of things, but from what it looks like right now, they both (especially the buck) show a lot of promise. I'm hoping to get new pictures of her babies tomorrow, since they are 6 weeks old now.

Nicole's & Jana's babies are 4 weeks old now and are so, so adorable! I have several people on waiting list for these litters, especially Nicole's, so if anyone is interested in a chocolate, ya better let me know soon ;).

I've also got two does bred and due the end of June - Kadence (bred to Brad - chocolates!) & Sarabeth (bred to Justin). I'll be breeding more does within the next couple weeks hopefully. Both of these litters and anymore litters born in June through July/beginning of August, will be ready for Convention time.

My brother got the AC fixed in the barn yesterday, so the buns have been nice and cool since. I'm so thankful for the AC, the buns are so stress-free with it! Normally I open the barn up at night since it's cool and turn the AC back on in the morning. There was a chance of Thunderstorms last night and so I decided just to keep the barn shut up and the AC on. I'm so thankful I did. We woke at 2am to intense thunder and lightning. The kind of thunder that shakes the house and your bed! And then heavy, heavy rain and major wind! There would've been no time to get the shutters closed up from the time I was woke up til the rain started. Ah, the crazy Oklahoma summer storms!