Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A lot . . .

It's been awhile since I updated. Life has been crazy. Between working on building a search database that has half a million entries in it for a County Assessor's website, Thanksgiving, my 21st birthday party, getting new counter-tops and so much more, life's been non-stop-on-the-go :).

Daisy's & Kristen's babies are all doing good & getting big! Very cute. They're 9 weeks old already!

Sarabeth is due this Saturday and she is FULL of babies! I plan to breed Jana, Champagne, Kadence and maybe one or two more in the next few days. Jana to Brad, Champagne to Cameron & Kadence to Nick. Some new bucks finally and young does, should make some pretty babies.

I am planning on doing a huge herd reduction soon. I'm still thinking it through, but there will probably be 10-12 seniors/almost seniors for sale. I haven't decided 100% who they will all be. But, I need to do a herd reduction. It's time to refocus and reduce the numbers in the barn. With only 2 empty cages in the barn, that means there's too many bunnies! The tentative list of who I will probably be moving on out are:

Blush (pending)
Josh (pending)
Jr. pointed white buck (pending)

After the herd reduction is done, I hope to bring in a trio of another breed or a pair or trio of another color. We will see whichever one works out and seems the best idea.

My brother just ordered supplies so we can build new shutters for the barn. So we can get rid of the nasty tarps and I won't ever have to deal with tarps again, Lord willing! It should turn out nice and be much more airtight and insulated :).

I think that's about it for now . . .