Sunday, December 6, 2009


My mom got a new camera (a Nikon D40), so I used it for a little while today. It's a fun camera and takes such cool pictures. Nice lighting, neat focus & blurring. Here's a few pictures of the buns & cats taken this afternoon ~

Truffle, the old girl :)

Grass hay ~ My cousin just picked this stuff up for me last week. It's so nice, fresh & GREEN! The rabbits like it a lot. It's so soft too. I haven't fed grass hay for a couple months and it's so nice to have grass hay back in the barn

One of the kittys
Mud (left) & Kyle
The beautiful Kyle . . . isn't his color just amazing. I will have to get some pictures of him out of his cage soon.
And the other kitty doing her "prancing" maneuver, LOL!