Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wow . . .

Where has the last week & a half gone?!! It's certainly flown by FAST! We just had flooring put in our downstairs, so the house was a disaster for about a week. It's just about all put back together now. It's so nice to have a smooth, easy to clean surface compared to bare wood :)!

The bunnies are all doing great. The weather has been pretty cold lately, but it warmed up today. It was beautiful today! So, we did the MUCH needed chore of dumping the trays and spraying off the big tray. Also, did some random brushing bunnies & playing with them.

Cameron & Jana have settled in REALLY well!

Jana is doing great. She's eating all her food and acting completely fine. She's a hilarious doe. Michael told me she was a bit shy when she was at his place . . . but she ain't a shy doe anymore. She's always pacing her cage when I step into the barn and at the door of her cage when I get close to her. She's so fun & so cute!

Cameron is also doing great. He's much less animated than Jana and would rather be starring at the doe in the cage behind him than pay attention to me being in the barn. But, lately he has been at the front of his cage when feeding time comes :).

I hope to get some new pictures of some bunnies (ones that I need to sell) soon, so we'll see. Hopefully that can happen in the next few days.