Thursday, December 24, 2009

Snow & More

I decided to keep Daisy around for a little while longer. After thinking about it, her & Cameron would make some very pretty babies. Since my cages aren't as full anymore, I decided it would be worth it to keep her for another litter. So, Daisy is bred to Cameron as of yesterday (Wednesday).

Yesterday was a warm day and I totally should've changed the trays yesterday. But, I put it off and thought I'd try to do it before the storm & cold hit today. Well, I missed the opportunity. By the time I got up at 9am, it was already way colder than was predicted and the storm was just starting to hit - with rain. So, the trays didn't get changed. Maybe by the time the weekend comes, things will be warmer and clear.

Late this afternoon it started to sleet & then snow. The temperatures quickly continued to drop and it's been snowing since then. There's probably 5-6 inches right now and it's still coming down. By the looks of the radar map, it'll be snowing all night long. We may end up with 10-12 inches (or more) by morning. This will be kind of fun :). Since we don't get snow all the time, it's kind of fun when we actually do get it. It's a lot sooner than last winter, so I wonder how much snow we'll actually get this year? Last year snow didn't come until the end of January/beginning of February.

My brother is almost finished with the shutters on the barn. He only has two top ones left to put up. They are framed up already, but because of the storm, he couldn't put them up. He spent all day yesterday working to get another side & a half done, which was very nice. The drafts are WAY less in the barn . . . pretty much none, which is VERY nice. I'm curious as to how much warmer this will actually keep the barn.

Pictures hopefully soon. I took a few pictures of some buns & babies today. Hopefully I can get more tomorrow . . . of the snow too . . . and post 'em up.