Friday, December 11, 2009

Pictures . . . Hay & Babies

Today is a bit warmer (high around 40), so waters were able to thaw out some. We refilled all the water bottles and if the forecast is right, hopefully I won't have to fill crocks 3x a day over the weekend. We'll see.

The barn needs a desperate cleaning. I did a little bit today - dumped 4 trays. The trays haven't been dumped for like 2 weeks and the big tray hasn't been rinsed off for about a week. It's gonna be so fun rinsing that off whenever the hoses thaw out - Not! Some of the trays were SO full since the buns have been getting so much hay.

After I gave the buns hay last night, I decided to snap a few pictures:

Cameron, isn't he so cute!

Brad's head is really starting to "pop"!

And, finally Sarabeth's babies . . .



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