Monday, December 21, 2009

Happenings . . .

My brother is half-way finished with getting the shutters up on the barn. They're looking good!! Two sides are up and two sides have to be done. There are a few small things that have to be finished on the two sides that are up, but they are at least up and functioning for the most part! I have a great brother :).

I also finally got a few does bred over the weekend. That was nice, since my does have been so finicky. I calculated a few of my junior buck's ages and realized they are older than I thought. Kyle will be 6 months old tomorrow (the 22nd). Wow, time flies. So, I went ahead and tried him with a doe. He got the job done! I'm expecting babies from:

Kyle X Kaylee & Cameron X Jana.

Cameron X Jana babies should be b-e-a-utiful! I also left Champagne in with Brantini for a day, so hopefully she took.

I'm working on getting a few more does bred too.

Brad was giving me a hard time with even being interested in any does, but his interest finally was peaked when his neighbor got a doe in his cage ;). When Kyle was breeding Kaylee, Brad was very hyper, so I stuck a doe in his cage and he went right to it. Kadence didn't get bred, but hopefully I will be able to get her bred soon.

Nick is another story when it comes to does. He is interesting, haha. I'll be trying him again soon hopefully.

Sarabeth's babies are all looking good. Their eyes are all open now and they are starting to get curious. I can't tell yet if there are any pointed whites, but I haven't looked too hard yet either.

Hopefully I can work on getting pictures of the babies and any others soon. Oh, yes and pictures of the shutters on the barn as well :).

Time to give the bunnies hay . . . goodnight,