Monday, June 1, 2009

Up to 30

The baby count is up to 30!

Jenny kindled to 6 babies on Saturday - all solid self & agouti black based colors.

It was a slight disappointment, but not a big surprise, that Jenny didn't have any chocolate colored babies. One of the reasons I was so glad to trade for her was that she was supposed to be out of a chocolate chestnut doe, which would mean she carried chocolate. But, I have bred Jenny to 2 chocolate colored bucks - Kaden & Brantini - and she hasn't had a single chocolate in the litter. Which means she does not carry chocolate and someone's color has to be off on her pedigree. Got some figuring out to do,I guess!

I am hoping to get some pictures of my keepers from the 7 week old litters tomorrow, Lord willing.

The 4 does bred the 22nd all palpate positive! Yay! Hopefully everything will go well with their litters. Just have to palpate Clara tomorrow . . .

Kaden is sold and will be going to a breeder in Kansas in a couple weeks :).

Well, not much else to report for the time being and it's getting late . . .

~ Qadoshyah