Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The heat has come full blast this week and the bunnies have been miserable. It was about 100 degrees or so yesterday and supposed to be the same today. Not supposed to "cool" down (to the low-mid 90's) until Sunday.

I didn't have an AC in, so it's been really hot in the barn. The fans were going stong and not doing much. It's been about 92-93 degrees in the barn by early afternoon and doesn't "cool" down much until after the sun goes down. Even then, the humidity is SO high, it doesn't feel much different than the day did.

Thankfully, I was able to get a 12,000 BTU (big enough to cool 670 sq. ft and my barn is 320 sq ft) AC unit. My brother installed it last night and turned it on. Finally, it was cool in the barn. This morning when we got up it was 68 degrees. The bunnies are doing so much better already.

Today will be the big test to see how much cooler the AC keeps the barn during the heat of the day.

In baby news . . . we have 27 new babies. Sarabeth's 7, Kaylee's 6, Clara's 8, Tatianna's 3, and finally Tara's 3 (born this morning).

Clara has NO milk. I nursed her babies on Sugar & Tat yesterday and it must've just been enough to keep them going through today. Since Tara always has loads of milk, I had her nurse the babies this morning. Sure enough, Clara's babies got nice full bellies. 5 babies look really good, 2 look okay and 1 is dieing (:(). I fostered 4 to Tara and 3 to Tat, so they should make it now. We'll see.

Between my 5 & 3 week old litters & my 1-2 day old litters the baby count is up to 51!!!!! Yay, praise the Lord!

I decided to keep two from Brandy's litter - the ST chocolate steel doe & the chocolate buck. Yes, the buck. He is just way too nice to let go. I think I would regret selling him if I did let him go. So, I've named the little buck Hoppin's Ganache Bliss. I haven't come up with a name for the doe yet.

My two 9 week old babies I kept are - Hoppin's Chocolate Blush (lilac doe) and Hoppin's Cori (pointed doe).

I do have the silver tip'd chocolate steel buck from Totsie's litter available. He is a promising little buck! I was going to keep him, but decided I really don't need him right now.

Jenny's 6 babies are ALL does! Between my 24 5 & 3 week old babies there are only 6 bucks!! Pretty cool :). I haven't had this many does in litters for a LONG time.