Monday, June 22, 2009

New babies & New pictures

I got new pictures of Brandy's, Sugar's & Daisy's litters all up. Daisy has 3 does and 4 bucks. Kind of evens things out since my other litters are almost all does. There's one baby of Jenny's I haven't sexed, but out of the 5 I did sex she has 4 does, 1 buck.

We also have 21 new babies! Kaylee had 6 babies & Sarabeth had 7 babies this morning. Clara had her 8 babies this afternoon. I had checked on them about 1pm, went back out at 2pm and her babies were in the box. No fur, no nest made, nothing. Just the babies. At least she had them in the box. It's really hot right now, so I expect to care for them more as it cools down.

I'll work on getting pictures of Jenny's 6 over the next few days. I have to do everything early in the morning before the heat comes, since I don't have the AC in. Not fun!