Thursday, June 11, 2009

Random News and My Chinchilla Beauties

There's not much to report on with the bunnies. Everyone is doing great.

I sent Kaden off today with a breeder and he will be making his way to Kansas tomorrow to his new home! I'm sure there Liz will enjoy him :)!

All the babies are doing great. Jenny's babies are 4 blacks and 2 chestnuts. Hopefully there will be at least a nice doe in there to replace here. Daisy's babies are a variety of colors - 3 lilacs, a chocolate chinchilla, a silver tip'd chocolate steel, a broken chocolate and a broken lilac chinchilla! Lilac chinchillas are seriously the most beautiful color ever! I'm hoping it'll turn out to be a gorgeous baby.

The steel in that Daisy's litter, Sugar's litter and Brandy's litter comes from Brant. I've figured out that Brant is a self steel (aabbCc(chd)ddE(s)E) and must've gotten that from his dam (she was out of a GT lilac steel). Oh well. That steel gene is very annoying at times.

While I was outside in the barn yesterday for hours (doing lots of "catch-up" cleaning and organizing), I snapped a few pictures of my little chinchilla cuties: