Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fast week

Wow, the week has flown by fast! I didn't realize I hadn't blogged since last Thursday.

I've had a busy week and have been trying to get the barn all ready for summer.

The summer heat has started to come, but it's not too hot yet. I had an air conditioner I bought, but it is too small of a unit for my barn. I got the barn all insulated, tarps all down and tried the AC and found out it was too small. So, the buns just have to have the fans & the open air/breeze until I get another, bigger AC unit. Hopefully soon! Thankfully it stays decently cool in the barn with everything open - it's so shaded.

Yesterday I had to deal with a mild case of Fly Strike on Truffle. Yes, thoroughly disgusting. Maggots all over. Thankfully I had been keeping my eye on her, since she is prone to having a messy butt, so I caught it somewhat early. I rinsed her in warm soap water, picked the maggots all out and then sprayed Blue-Kote on her. She looks good this morning. I've had her inside, in a cool spot for the time being also.

After dealing with that, I sealed the barn up more and made sure that there were hardly any spots for flies to get in. There's substantially less flies today, thankfully.

Brandy's babies are all looking great! I took some pictures of them this morning and will get them up on the website asap. I'm not sure which baby I'll be keeping yet, but there's definitely several nice babies in there. Of course, the chocolate buck looks the most promising. He is gorgeous. But, I so don't need another buck to grow out right now.

Daisy's babies & Jenny's babies are just a few days too young to sex. It's looking like Daisy has several bucks though. Which, I suppose may be good . . . if she has some nice babies.

I played musical cages this morning, since I had to move 5 does into my last 5 baby cages. All 5 of my does are still prego - no reabsorbing the litters this time! So Excited! That's even including Clara & Tatianna . . . . who are going on their 7th and 4th breedings and this is the first time they've taken.

Clara was bred to Justin - my chocolate pointed white buck. Should be an interesting litter, as it is a cross I typically would not do, but I just wanted a litter out of Clara.

Got 4 days to go until Tara, Kaylee, Tatianna & Sarabeth are due and 5 days for Clara. Tara is FULL of babies and the rest don't look too far behind her :).

Enough for now . . . will post when I get the pictures up.