Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Checkin' In

Wow, what an interesting week we've had!

A major thunderstorm rolled in early Friday morning. Thunder & lightning that was intense, down pouring rain, and golf-ball sized hail. It was crazy. Our internet has been down until today because of that storm.

It's been storming all weekend, with a lot of rain, and another storm has rolled in now :). Fun!

The bunnies are doing really good though and thankfully the storms haven't stressed any of the bunnies out. Sugar did start to stress out and come down with wry neck last Tuesday (from a thunderstorm the previous night), but thankfully I caught it early enough where she didn't get the head tilt & everything.

Totsie's babies are 3 bucks (2 lilacs, 1 ST choc. steel) and 1 doe (lilac). Kristen's babies are both does :). I took pictures of all of them today and will work on getting them up on the site asap.

I'll be palpating Clara & Daisy tomorrow, hopefully they took. I bred Jenny on the 30th to Brantini. I still just have to breed Tatianna - miss troublemaker!

Over the past couple days I spent some time looking over a few of the bunnies. I am really impressed with how everyone's condition looks. They look & feel great . . . something I haven't felt on several for awhile. Praise the Lord! My juniors feel really good and look very promising. Tennessee Mud is looking good, even though he is in the uglies. I have high hopes PenPals will be *the* feed.

Here's a few pictures of the babies and my new doe, Sarabeth:

First off - Sarabeth!

Kristen's babies ~

Totsie's babies ~