Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I typed my two 5 week old litters today - Totsie's & Kristen's. Totsie's babies are VERY consistent and very promising. It's going to be very hard to pick who I will be keeping. I almost want to grow them all out at this point, but I can't! We'll have to give it a couple more weeks to be sure who I will keep. 3 of Totsie's 4 are bucks anyways, so that makes things even more interesting.

But, it is very nice to have a litter that is so consistent. They all look great. Very short midsection, nice shoulders, and deep. I haven't had a litter this consistent for months and I think it's all due to feed. It reminds me of the good 'ole days in California with my Templeton feed. I am hoping that my litters are back to normal now and will continue to be consistent. Time will tell.

Feed is such a tricky and sensitive issue. You'd never think it is such an important issue, but it is. And you really notice it when you've used an excellent feed for 5 + years and suddenly switch to a terrible feed.

Kristen's babies need a few more weeks until I can really type them as they don't seem to be in their prime until 8 weeks old or so. But, her little lilac doe sure is cute right now. She has Deckles awesome head and width!

Check her out - she looks like a "mini Deckles"!

This little boy of Totsie's is lookin' cute too. His head is coming in a lot nicer than I thought (took his ears a little longer to lop than a couple of the others) -

But, he's in a close call with his lilac brothers. Both have promising bodies and one in particular has a very promising head.

You can see new (just taken today!) pictures of Kristen's babies & Totsie's babies up on the site.