Monday, May 18, 2009

Spring Time!

Wow, it is finally clear skies and gorgeous weather (in the 70's). Will take this kind of weather any day :)!

Brandy had her 9 babies last Tuesday and Sugar kindled to 5 babies (1 DOA) on Saturday. Sugar went 3 days over her due date, as she seems to always do.

On the other hand . . . Brandy gave me a stressful day last Wednesday. She hadn't fed her babies for over 24 hours. So, as usual I put her in the box to encourage her to feed the babies. She wouldn't have any of it. I don't know why, I can only assume she was too hot (it was warm that day). Finally, after much stress & tears and hours later (at 12midnight) she willingly fed the babies. Her milk always takes a little while to fully come in, so that does throw things for a loop. Especially when you have 9 babies that need to be fed. I lost 2 of Brandy's babies by Friday though. Not surprising, as they were runts anyways. But the rest are doing good!

I spent most of today painting my barn. It's needed to be done for a few months. Only half of it is done though, so hopefully it can be finished tomorrow.

Yesterday I spent much of the day outside because it was just so beautiful, so I got some cute pictures of the bunnies.

Sugar's babies ~
Brandy's babies ~
It's so nice to be able to have all 4 sides of the barn open and to just look out and see the green view
My little Jake
Goofy Sarabeth . . . she's such a flighty girl when I first open the cage door.
And, Mud trying to get out of the cage just because I was there :)!