Wednesday, May 27, 2009

24 & counting

Daisy was due yesterday and she kindled to 7 beautiful babies this afternoon. I was nervous she wouldn't have the babies in the box, as she kept scratching all the shavings out of the box (I refilled it like 3 times!), but she surprised me a made a nice nest in the box. She has 2 brokens and 5 solids -several chocolates & lilacs. Hoping for a lilac chinchilla from this cross - which is totally possible!

It feels so good to have big litters again! I haven't had this for months!

Jenny is due this Saturday and is HUGE. I'm expecting at least 8 and wouldn't be surprised if there were more. She's had her box since the weekend, because she made a nest with fur before I even gave her the box. I felt sorry for her, so went ahead a gave her the box early.

With Daisy's litter it puts the baby count to 24, which is nice. I haven't had that many babies for months! Brandy has 7 (raising 6), Sugar has 4 (raising 5 - one of Brandy's), Totsie has 4, and Kristen has 2.

I tattoo'd the 6 six week old babies on Sunday and made my picks as to who I am keeping from Totsie's litter. The ST steel buck & the lilac doe. But, I could've easily kept one of the lilac bucks as well. I'm giving Kristen's babies another couple weeks before I fully decide who I'm keeping, but I think it'll be the little lilac doe.

Friday-Saturday I went on a breeding spree and bred 5 does. Clara (to Justin), Tatianna (to Kaden), Kaylee (to Justin), Sarabeth (to Josh), & Tara (to Brant). Seriously, I am just hoping Clara takes sometime - this is the 6th try for breeding her. That's why I bred her to Justin - using any buck that'll make her have her first litter! I'm hoping the same for Tatianna, but if all else fails, I'll just move her along. Clara is one gorgeous doe who would be so beneficial in my chocolates!

I'm going to do a quick update on the site right now.

~ Qadoshyah