Monday, April 27, 2009

Various updates

The 3 bred does, Brandy, Laci & Sugar yesterday all palpated positive. I'm so glad! Hoping for larger litters this time around. I had palpated them a few days ago and didn't feel anything, so I was a little nervous.

Clara & Daisy got bred yesterday. I plan on breeding Tatianna & Jenny or Kaylee. I can only do two more does right now, since my baby cages will be full then if all take (plus I have my two current litters). Clara was bred to Striper (my old faithful buck!) just because I need to get a litter out of her to get her going (she has given me the *hardest* time and she's a year old now). Daisy is 7 months old and was more than ready to breed, so I bred her to Brant. Should be some PRETTY babies!! They are half siblings . . .didn't even think about it :).

Tatianna will probably be bred to Kaden just because I need to get a litter out of her before she gets older. Jenny will probably be bred to Brant. If I breed Kaylee (probably won't though), I'm not sure who she will be bred to.

My cousin picked up my new bunny yesterday in Springfield, IL from . . . Sara Kitsemble :)! Sara was on her way home to Wisconsin from a show and my cousin was picking up/transporting a horse for someone. So, it worked out really well! The new doe is Kitsemble's Sarabeth. She's a sable with 2 legs. Sarabeth is gorgeous and has the cutest face! I think she will add a lot to the pointed whites. Seeing her great condition (even though her fur is molty), gives me hope that the PenPals will continue to work for the buns, as Sara feeds PenPals as well.

Pictures to come soon!