Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I updated the website today. Just a general update. Put up pictures of the pointed white jr. doe I have available. She's a pretty little doe :).

Here's some new pictures of my juniors. Jake, Daphnie, Kadence & Mud.

Jake ~ It's a shame he is a broken pointed white, as he is down-right gorgeous! With amazing type!

Daphnie's a petite little thing, but is maturing into herself ~

Kadence is developing nicely! She's definitely goin' through the "uglies", but I can see promise in how she'll turn out. Should be a fine replacement for her dam!

And last, but certainly not least is Mud! He's definitely growing right now, but I think he will turn out gorgeous. He's starting to do his head molt and I can't wait to see how big his head will come in. Mud is such a character and probably my favorite junior because of that right now. He's at one of the first cages when I walk in the barn and he goes nuts when he hears my voice. So cute!

I just went out to my barn to peek at the bunnies, since I typically do that a couple times a day. Brandy's due today, so I was so curious to see if she had her babies yet. I was expecting a bigger litter, since I could see the "belly bulge" and that was encouraging. I hadn't had a nice big litter for awhile (Bleh to Fibre3!). Anyways, I went out to the barn and sure enough she had JUST gotten done kindling. I started counting the babies and she had . . . . EIGHT! I'm so excited!!! Praise the Lord. They're all chocolate colors too - brokens & solids.