Monday, January 19, 2009

Picture time!

I took some time this morning to take a few pictures that needed to be updated on my website, namely Kaden & Kaylee. I also took some pics of Chocolate - all the pictures are up on the site now.

Here's Kaylee. She's doesn't look so hot right now (especially her body), but I thought she needed some new pictures on the site, instead of her 8 week old baby pics.

Here's Chocolate. She just needed some new pictures!

And, finally here's my sweet boy Kaden. He's a naughty little guy and is so hard to pose. But, after letting him run around the barn for a few minutes and working with him to sit still for a few minutes, I was able to get some half-way decent pictures of him. He definitely still has some growing to do, but I think he'll fill in. He's still only 7 months old.

This pictures shows Kaden's personality so much!



The Kings said...

Awwwe! I love the pictures, all three are just beautiful.:-)

LHHR said...

Your pointeds look like they are coming along well :)