Sunday, January 11, 2009

Prego does & barn talk

Well, it's been a busy week for me . . . catching up from being gone for a week.

We finally had a couple warm days with no breeze last week, so I was able to get some stuff done in the barn. The bunnies also were able to get some nice sunlight and fresh air. I haven't been able to open the tarps for weeks. But, of course the weather is cold and breezy again!

I did a ton of cleaning & organizing in the barn on Friday. It felt good to get that all done. Had to clean all the trays and rake out the barn - it hadn't been done for about 2 weeks (since before I left).

I ordered 30 3" ceramic crocks from last week and received them the end of the week. They are so small, but I got that size because they are so expensive. $2/crock for 3 INCH crocks! Nuts. The bigger crocks were much more expensive, so I went ahead with the small ones. They'll do the job of giving the bunnies water in freezing temps. I've already had to use them and they work good. Only a few of the bunnies like to dump them over.

I re-palpated Tatianna and she is not prego. I figured she was not, but I felt something funny when I first palpated her, so I waited. Jenny is HUGE and Kristen has babies in her too. 5 more days! They'll get their boxes tomorrow.

I bred Clara & Totsie tonight. I'll breed them again tomorrow, as they didn't want to breed more than once tonight. I'm hoping to breed Tatianna and Tara tomorrow too. I tried the "Tickle The Tail" method with Clara & Tots and it worked. LOL, it's pretty funny!

Two of Sugar's babies were sold over the weekend - the lilac charlie doe and the blue charlie buck. Both to good pet homes :). I just have the opal charlie doe available still.

I am going to try to post some interesting, educative topics, but I've been very busy lately. I am still working on submitting the press release and getting the flyer for the book done, so that is taking a lot of time.



The Kings said...

Goodness, I didn't realize that crocks were that expensive either. At least they are doing the job you got them for though.:-) I can't wait to see your new litters! Prayers your way for healthy babies.

LHHR said...

"Tickle-the-tail" -- is it self-explanatory?