Monday, January 26, 2009

Babies are coming

It's been 10 days since I bred Brandy, Tara, Tatianna, Clara, & Laci, so I palpated the does this morning. All of them except Brandy palpate positive. Yay!

I'll repalpate Brandy in a few days, since I really expected her to take. She was so ready to be bred and Kaden "got" her 4 times. Hopefully I'm just missin' the babies.

Jenny has several chinchillas in her litter. 3 of the brokens are chins and the other 2 are chestnuts. 2 of the solids are chins and 1 is a chestnut. I'm glad they aren't all chessies!

I finally was able to put a mouse trap in the barn. I caught a mouse first thing Saturday morning. Yes! I haven't caught another one yet, but I think I just need to move the trap to another place.

The mouse trap we have had the most success with and use is the Victor TinCat trap. It's a metal box that has two entry ways into it. The mice can get it, but they can't get back out. You just put some bait in the middle of the box and the mice will go for it ;). The TinCat we have has a clear top so you can see without picking the box up if there are mice in it or not.

The first time I used this trap in my original barn in California, I caught 8 mice in one night. There was a major mouse problem there. Those were the days when I would see the mice come down into the rabbits feed bowls and eat the pellets. I would have to grab the mice by the tail (with gloves on, of course) and deal with them. That's when the good 'ole barn cats come in handy!