Monday, January 5, 2009

Home at last

I got home early Saturday morning. I had a nice, yet fast trip :).

Thankfully the weather was quite warm while I was gone, so my family didn't have to deal with frozen bottles much at all (except once). But, of course the weather is cold again and I've got to thaw bottles out.

I am planning on ordering a bunch of crocks, since the water does not freeze as fast in crocks as it does in bottles. The problem with the bottles is that the metal spout freezes first, before the water in the bottle freezes, so the rabbits can't get any water.

I palpated the does again who didn't palpate positive before I left. Kristen palpates positive! Yay, first Deckles babies! Clara is the only one who did not take. I'll breed the rest of the does soon here hopefully.

One of Sugar's babies came down with wry neck yesterday (Sunday), unfortunately. I caught it really early though, so I think he'll be fine after treatment. Thankfully WN is super easy to treat if caught early enough.

I have a mouse problem in my barn and I am pretty annoyed! I hate mice with a passion! I haven't had a mouse problem for years. I am going to have to put some traps out and also put a cat in the barn, our good-ole barn/"mouser" cat, KittyBoy. Hopefully I'll get that done today. I haven't seen the mice, but I've seen their droppings and holes. Yuck.

I took a look at the two babies I kept from Sugar's litter. The buck is not looking so hot right now, but I'll pose him in a couple more does. He is not that cooperative on some days when it comes to posing, so it's a little annoying. The doe looks GREAT right now though! I am very glad I kept her back. I've named the doe, Champagne. I've got a name picked out for the buck, but I don't want to name him it until I plan to keep him for sure, LOL :).

Kiss' baby is sad, LOL. He has no crown whatsoever! I think he'll end up being soup or tacos :/. Unless I can find someone who wants him as a pet . . . he does have a great personality.

And, here are a few pictures of Champagne ~



The Kings said...

Champagne is Gorgeous!! Wow what a doe.