Sunday, January 18, 2009

Babies & Upcoming litters!

Kristen had her litter a little earlier than I expected. She kindled on the wire on Wednesday night. Because the temperature was so incredibly cold, and she had only 1 baby, the baby was frozen by the time I found it :(. It had probably been an hour or so since she had the baby.

I checked on Jenny shortly before I went to bed around 3am early Thursday morning and she was making a nest on the wire as well. So, I put her in a rubbermaid container with chicken wire over the top and brought her in to a warmer spot. So, she had a successful litter! Jenny kindled to 8 beautiful babies on Thursday night . . . around 11pm. There are 5 brokens and 3 solids. All the babies are either chestnut agoutis or chins. I was bummed I didn't get any chocolate colors and it's odd, since she was bred to Kaden. But, so be it.

My does have been giving me a hard time being willing to breed for the past few weeks. I just have to remind myself that the buns aren't quite used to the crazy Oklahoma weather. It sure is a ton different than the miiiiillllldddd weather we had in our California winters :). But, they finally we're willing and I was able to get 5 of them bred on Friday (the 16th)! I'm excited for all the litters and hopefully they all took. Should be some gorgeous babies.

I bred:

Silent Spring's Kaden X Hoppin's Brandy
all chocolate colors

Hoppin's Brantini X Hoppin's Clara
solid chocolates and lilacs

Kasomor's Mr. Deckles & Silent Spring's Kaden X Hoppin's Tara
yes, I bred her to two bucks, because Deckles didn't want to "get" her anymore than once ;). I should have no problem telling the babies apart from who the sire is though.

Hoppin's Justin X Hoppin's Tatianna
chocolate & lilac pointed whites, REWs, sables & smokes - should be a really fun litter - color-wise.

Hoppin's Josh X Desurra's White Lace
pointed whites & REWs. Should be VERY typey babies!

I changed the look of the blog a little bit too - hope you like it :).