Thursday, July 21, 2011

New BLOG Design now...along with some fun pictures

Well, since the website design was changed, I thought it was time to change up the blog as well. So, it kind of matches the site, with a slight variation :).

Also, just for fun, I will include some fun pictures from the barn.

Melinda's babies all lined up. They're all so adorable!

The 6 reds. The 3 in the back all shipped out to Vermont a week ago.

Since we shipped some rabbits out last week to Vermont in the summer, we made some modifications to the KW Cages Airline Approved Carrier. For one, we were shipping 4 jrs in a "3-hole" cage, so I had to add an extra divider anyways. I took out the plastic dividers and put wire dividers in. This would allow more airflow through the cage anyways. Delta (the airline I use) has a pet program in the summer that ensures the rabbits are in a climate controlled vehicle or building the entire time. And it also ensures they won't be loaded until right before the plane is to leave and will be unloaded right away as well. It worked pretty good and they arrived a little stressed, but safely. And are doing well now!

William, my silly red boy!

And peeking into Katrina's cage while she's napping :).